Dr. Kasendorf and the ladies who head the office are nothing but kind, genuine, honest and up front people. Anyone involved in pain management knows the challenges everyone faces. To have a Dr., including his staff genuinely care about their patients….. That is Priceless. They go above and beyond to make any situation work, no matter what. They make time for everyone know matter what. Everyone’s situation is different and they treat everyone according to their specific needs and that’s the way it should be. They make your situation less challenging and that is priceless to be able to live a “normal life”. Thank you Dr. Kasendorf and thank you ladies and gentlemen including the interns that also are apart of the experience. Everyone is more then kind.

– Lea P.

Highly recommended! Dr. K treats each patient with compassion and makes you feel like you have been heard and understood. I’ve been seeing Dr. K every month for a few years and have nothing but wonderful things to say about Dr. K and his staff.

– Susan S.

I was a patient of Dr. Kasendorf for many years-he treated me for severe chronic back pain. If it wasn’t for the help of Dr. K and his awesome staff I would have given up all hope of being able to live a quality of live that only kept improving with his continued efforts of finding new ways to help me with my pain. I am no longer a patient of his only because I moved out of state. He is the BOMB of pain management Dr.’s in my book!! Thank you Dr. “K” and staff.

– Diana R.

Dr. K is exceptional! I’ve seen many doctors in my 79 years, and he is definitely one of the 2-3 best in terms of his professionalism, his willingness to spend as much time as needed to deal with my problems, and his creativity in addressing challenging pain problems I’ve had. He goes well beyond what is expected in both his concern for me and the care he provides. It is a pleasure to provide the highest possible recommendation — he is exceptional!

– James B.

Dr. Kasendorf is fantastic physician and an even better person. I really admire him and totally believe in his therapies. I have benefited tremendously because of his attention to detail and overall care! I will forever be grateful to him! Sincerely,

– R Lee B.

It would be hard to give more praise to Dr. Kasendorf. He is one of the most concerned, caring and attentive doctor that I have had working on my pain management issues. He not only tries his best but he also feels responsible for your well being, while always keeping up to date on what’s new out there that could improve your quality of life. If there were 6 stars, he would get that one too! Thanks Dr. Kasendorf, you make it easy to live while dealing with such a complex and debilitating syndrome.

– Thiago M.

Dr Kasendorf is a fine physician. He is kind and compassionate and listens to what you have to say. He treats me with respect and believes I really do have pain. His help has allowed me to live a pain free life and be able to live with little assistance.

– Donna D.

Having lost my long-time friend and family doctor of 25 years to cancer, I had difficult experiences finding and selecting a doctor who would help manage my long term pain. It wasn’t until I had a reference to Dr. Kasendorf that I was finally able to find a doctor who was truly interested in helping me. Dr. Kasendorf always greets you with a smile and makes you comfortable seeing him. I cannot thank him enough for all his help managing my pain.

– Paulette B.

After a lifetime of doctor visits [59 yrs old] for awide range of ailments, I can not say that I’ve had a better physician in any field than Dr. Kasendorf. I have had care from general practicioners as well as neuro-surgeons, orthopedic-surgeons, radiologists, oncologists and more. I have had some of the best and he rates at the top. not only is he good at what he does, he genuinely cares about how you are doing and he’s constantly trying to find new ways to help you. On top of that he has a first rate staff of true professionals who also go out of their way to accomodate you. Add in the fact that appointments are kept with precision [very short wait time] . I”ve never felt rushed during my visit, and i have just never had better service!!!

– Tim H.

As a practicing doctor myself, I am fully aware of the rigorous training and education required to practice medicine. That said, unfortunately despite the years of training and coursework, not all doctors are capable of practicing medicine well while also managing their patients well. Dr. Kasendorf is capable of both. Not only does he take the time to visit with patients one on one while assessing them fully in order to devise a quality treatment plan, but he also appears as if he sincerely enjoys his work and has the patients’ best interest at heart. I have never left his office feeling as though I was rushed or as if I had doubts about our plan because he really does take the time to explore all options, and later all aspects of the plan. His motto regarding his goal is for patients to feel better after their visit than they did before is honestly pretty accurate. I would recommend Dr. Kasendorf to any of my friends or family.

– Kristin C.

Kasendorf Kudos. Kudos to Kasendorf! To make a long story short, I climbed the Southern California neurologist tree only to be sentenced ten years ago in a Loma Linda University room paneled with a retinue of this discipline with the blunt diagnosis of something called peripheral neuropathy and the frightening prognosis that no more than half of sufferers find relief. Peripheral what? What the f*ck is neuropathy? Well, after five years of the inexorable loss of my tactile sense and its replacement by the overwhelming, continuous pain of swelling and numbness insidiously creeping up all my limbs—from toes and fingers to hands and feet, I truly was f*cked by a malady that is to the sense of touch what blindness is to sight or deafness is to hearing. Over the course of the first ten–yes 10!—years of my life sentence of eternal pain, neurologists and anesthesiologists from the California Desert Cities to San Diego told me (copay after copay) that if neurontin, lyrica, cymbalta, savella, acupuncture, cold laser therapy, and Mayan shamans don’t do the job, the only options left are monthly prescriptions of narcotics and urine samples that result in increasing tolerance and dangerous dosages of the likes of fentanyl, percoset, methadone, oxycodone. And over the course of that same period, I degenerated from an active, trim, healthy Golds Gym bodybuilder to a grayed-out, overweight, crippled curmudgeon whose only companion was an adjustable quadcane! Well, last Thursday, June 11, 2015, everything radically and suddenly changed at the initial appointment with Dr. Kasendorf who asserted that, in fact, other alternative therapies both medicinally and surgically are available including nerve blocks, lidocane infusions, mexiletine, and, finally, horizant (gabopentin)—a month’s supply of samples the good doctor provided me forthwith. Consequently, by the time I arrived home from his office, I was in a state of thanksgiving that the explosive agonizing foot pain that has destroyed my social and professional life was substantially assuaged, if not lifted. Imagine what it’s like to be able to walk only with support due to unrelieved and excruciating pain for five—yes, 5—unbroken years, and then, after a one hour drive home through SD’s rush hour traffic, you’re able to throw away not only your quadcane, but your blue DMV disability placard as well! Unless there’s some unforeseeable drug tolerance level to horizant, Dr. Kasendorf has not only changed my life, but the lives of everyone I know—sufferers and non-sufferers alike! Again: Kudos to Kasendorf! I’m sorry to see the single star ratings, but perhaps a little more patient patience would have surely brightened a cluster’s luster! That said, there are some considerable copays and expenses over that same 10-year period of gratuitous suffering from which equity will demand more than a few refunds!